Faster results are possible through accurately tracking your body composition with EVOLVE IN2 FITNESS


EVOLVE IN2 FITNESS are now providing the latest, most accurate body composition testing within the industry

Our analyzers use a scientifically validated test known as bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA).

The BIA test works by sending a light and harmless electric current through ones body. A body’s total weight consists of various masses like fat, muscles, bones, and water. Each of these conducts electricity in different ways. By measuring the electric resistance of these masses in a body, the test is able to accurately measure what percentage of total body weight is made up from each.

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  • Skeletal Muscle Mass, Soft Lean Mass, Lean Body Mass
  • Intracellular Water, Extracellular
  • Water and Total Body Water
  • Mineral Mass (bone density) , Protein Mass
  • Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat Level, Subcutaneous/ Visceral Fat Mass (in kg)
  • Visceral Fat area, Prediction of Abdominal Fat (for the next 20 years)
  • A Nutritional Assessment, Edema Index
  • A Segmental Analysis (each limb for muscular imbalances and fluid retention)
  • Body Cell Mass
  • B.M.R and Total Energy Expenditure
  • Body Cell Mass, Waist Hip Ratio
  • Age Match to Body (fitness age), Target to Control



A 45-60 minute class suitable for all fitness levels. From beginners to advanced boxing levels, we cater for your needs. Technique classes are available if you are new to boxing and every step is taken to ensure you get the maximum workout and minimise the risk of injuries.

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of exercise followed by a recovery exercise or rest period. Studies have highlighted how this type of training is not only time efficient but very effective.

Personal Training

A tailored individual program that will help you to reach your health and fitness goals. PT Sessions will incorporate functional exercises tailored to your fitness level plus we will give you a homework program to do at home to help meet your goals and get results faster.


Resolve to Evolve Challenge is a 6-week exercise, nutrition and mindset training program designed to transform your body and most importantly your way of thinking. At the end of the challenge you will not only look and feel better, but you will learn how to stay that way for life.

About Evolve In2 Fitness

A bit about Pam - Qualified Personal Trainer

"Give anything a never know what you're truly capable of" my personal motto. Growing up I have always loved sports whether it be team sports or individual sport. I’d give anything a go…isn’t that what life is all about? So I have used this theme in guiding all aspects of my training, to improve myself and share my positivity with all of my clients whether it be via personal training or group classes. I am all about variety, 100% hard work and no frills! I’m extremely dedicated and am always looking to improve myself and support my clients to meet their health and fitness goals. I want my clients to have fun, be confident, be positive, be challenged, be comfortable in their own skin and experience a healthy and well balanced life.

  • Professional Personal Trainer

    Certificate III & IV in Fitness

  • Experienced Kettle Bell Trainer

    Level 1 in Kettlebell Training

  • Qualified First Aid

    First Aid & CPR Registered

  • Official Member

    Registered member of Fitness Australia


    Level 1 and Advanced Certificate


    Metafit Australia

How did I become a Personal Trainer you ask?

About two and half years ago a boxing exercise brochure arrived in my letter box and I thought why not give this a go? It looked fun and I thought to myself how hard could it really be? I was pretty fit (or so I thought) and I’ve always wanted to give boxing a go. So I rang and made an appointment to have a free trial. After the first class I discovered the true meaning of “fit” and to tell you the truth, I was nowhere near fit!

After that trial class I could not face another class until one week later. By then my trial was up. So I took the opportunity and made the decision to sign up.

Soon after I participated in my first 12 Week Challenge and it was fantastic! It was really hard work but the results were incredible and I learnt so much in those 12 weeks that it has changed my life forever. It was soon after that I decided I wanted to be part of this community and help and guide other people to become strong, fit, confident, happy and healthy.

So after many discussions with my family and my mentor, I chose to become a Personal Trainer and established Evolve In2 Fitness. I now have my own personal training clients whom I train, make them accountable and love helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals and aspirations.

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