Client Testimonials



I’ve been coming to Evolve for the past 6 months and just completed a 6 week challenge. I am so happy with the increased fitness, weight loss and centimeters shed from all over my body and the fact my clothes fit so much better. Thanks Pam so much for the encouragement and education around food and fitness, your classes are fun, versatile and addictive.


I wanted to do the challenge because I needed a bit of discipline to my exercise and eating. I know that eating right and exercising gives great results and I needed the encouragement and goal setting that the challenge provides. The main message that I got from the challenge was to believe in myself more and to have less self doubt.


I decided to do the challenge in order to improve my overall health and fitness.
After the 6 weeks was up I felt completely re-energised and equipped with the tools necessary to continue to live better. Having Pam’s support and encouragement along the way was wonderful. She kept us on track with our meals and her exercise classes were always fun and varied. I highly recommend the challenge!


I realised that I needed to change my diet and hoped that by doing the challenge I would learn the skills I needed. By increasing the protein and good fat intake as well as the number of exercise sessions I did each week, I have lost weight and maintained my muscle mass. The changes to the way I eat have been small and easy to sustain and I rarely look for for sweet or fatty food now.


My reason for doing the 6 week challenge was to give my body a shake up and health a re-set. It is far too easy to just stay on the same path because it feels safe and familiar but we need a bit of risk taking and life changing behaviour to shake things up a bit. I have not only wound back the clock a few years, lost weight in actual cm’s but also have ran in two charity fun runs and have been able to continue running on a weekly basis. I had never run at all before and feel very proud of my achievements. I am 47 years old and have started a new chapter in my life. Healthy happy and always up for a challenge! Thank you to Pam for taking me on this journey and to my fellow challengers without your on-going support it would have been very lonely and not motivating. Thank you!


I undertook the Resolve to Evolve 6 week challenge in order to become disciplined again with my eating habits and to lose both weight and centimetres. Having completed a similar challenge about three years ago, I knew what to do but just needed drive and assistance to form the appropriate habits again whilst being held accountable. I love the exercise particularly the boxing and HIIT classes so that part was easy. The challenge for me was avoiding comfort food and treats and being organised with a well-stocked fridge and prepared with appropriate meals to take to work. I enjoyed participating in the fitness challenges including the 1,000 steps, Fenix steps and beep test. I was also very interested in the results of the body composition scanning. I am happy with my outcomes and feel stronger and fitter as a result. Cheers Kate


“I had been struggling for a long time to shift the last few kg’s I was feeling around my tummy. I decided to do the challenge to learn about what I was doing wrong with my food.

The program taught me how to portion control my meals and allowed me to embrace creativity with using a broad variety of foods. I really enjoyed experimenting and definitely looked forward to every meal.

I began this challenge at a difficult time in my life with my father passing, I didn’t have the energy to train at my usual capacity but I still saw results with just changing my food.

I will do this program again at full speed ahead and I can’t wait to see the results then. I loved the accountability and the Sunday morning sessions were absolutely fantastic. So glad I met these bunch of challengers.”


I wanted to participate in the Challenge as I wanted to achieve weight loss and improve my diet. I wanted to cut out sugar and eat much healthier.

The exercise wasn’t so much of an issue but along with eating clean and healthier than I have ever had achieved amazing results!

I beat my goal weight which at the time of starting the challenge I thought was unrealistic. I am the fittest I have ever been and so excited with the results.

Pam’s encouragement and guidance played a big part in pushing me to achieve the results I did! 6 weeks is not a big commitment and the results in that time really can be amazing!! I will be taking this clean eating plan forward with me to enable me to maintain the result!! Thank you!!


I leave every single session feeling amazing! Pam’s classes are catered to all ages and fitness levels- there’s not one class i’ve done that I regret! Everyone at Evolve is so supportive. Pam has a wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge that creates RESULTS. She is dedicated and cares about your well-being not only as a client but as a friend too. I don’t see myself training anywhere else. Thanks Pam!


If you want results and are keen to improve then listen to Pam. She really walks the talk. I know as Pam and I train together. I’ve seen her back squat an amazing 95kg! We are getting stronger and have both dramatically improved our fitness levels, health and overall well-being. Stick with Pam and she’ll make you accountable and definitely improve the way you look and feel.


Pam is awesome! Her classes are tough but it’s her encouragement and dedication that has kept me motivated and coming back!! Highly recommended!!


Pam and Evolve In2 Fitness are AMAZING – She’s inspiring in her personal dedication to fitness and she wants all her clients to live a better, fitter and healthier lifestyle. Pam keeps you accountable and is a great motivator, the classes are great fun, an incredible workout and the personalisation in the classes are exceptional. Highly recommended!


This morning I was reflecting whilst getting ready for work. My thoughts were how grateful I am to Pam Li for setting me up to a healthier happier me. I started my 6 week challenge April 2016. I use to have a wine (or 2) most evenings!! This was a big No No while doing the 6 weeks challenge. I took all of Pam’s advice on board and wow what a great difference it has made to my lifestyle. I now no longer drink alcohol at home I leave it to social occasions only. Thank you Pam for being such a great Coach.


I have been coming to Evolve for just over two months now. Where do I begin… To say I am thankful to Pam is an understatement! I thought I was relatively fit before beginning my first class, boy, was I wrong! But after a few classes I started to see improvements in myself for the first time in a long time! The overwhelming support, love, kindness, generosity and encouragement I have received from Pam and the beautiful people within Evolve has been PHENOMENAL! I truly do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity to be apart of something so amazing! I really do look forward to coming to training each day and know I am going to keep reaching my goals with the help of the team! 
Pam you are seriously the biggest legend! So grateful for you all!! If anyone is thinking of coming down, JUST DO IT! It will be challenging at first but it’s the best thing you’ll ever do! I know it is, and will continue to be for me!


Pam was my trainer and mentor during an 8 week body transformation challenge. She advised and supported me during my training so that I could master technique and improve form. Pam was always very supportive and provided great encouragement during the 8 weeks – highlighting how I could improve and optimise my dietary regime and develop my training program to get best outcomes.

She always showed genuine interest and appraisal when I checked in for my weekly weight loss management . The EvolveIn2Fitness body composition testing were a fantastic way to monitor my progress. I had three body composition tests at the beginning, middle and end of the 8 weeks, which was really insightful and helped us tweak my training and weight loss plan. Pam discussed changes in my measurements with consideration to my training program and worked out what I could do to optimise outcomes (with diet and training modifications).

She was always generous with her time, answering questions as they arose throughout the 8 weeks. I appreciated her knowledge and felt confident in the advice she provided. By the end of the 8 weeks, with Pam’s guidance and support, I had significant weight loss (including cm and loss of visceral fat), increased muscle mass and tone. I am now eating cleaner than ever, am sleeping better and have greater energy.

Pam has encouraged me to challenge myself during training, her enthusiasm for me to get stronger and fitter has been very motivating, helping my progress in my power lifting and HIIT sessions.

Pam is very approachable and knowledgable, and a lovely person who shows her support in spades. I would recommend her as a trainer, weight loss manager and mentor. I also highly recommend the body composition testing – as you receive an accurate overall picture of what’s going on internally, not just relying on what the scales report, enabling overall health and fitness by being able to modify diet and exercise accordingly for optimal results.

Thanks Pam : )


Thanks Pam for your dedication to making me strong and fit and eating the right healthy food. Your constant support and positive attitude rubbed off on all aspects of my life.

Your one in a million !!

Thanks again


I have trained with several personal trainers over the years and Pam Li is certainly one of the best. Pam’s passion for health and fitness is inspiring. Her focus on establishing correct technique has helped me achieve strength training goals I thought were simply out of my reach. At 38, I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.


To whom this may concern,

I have personally known Pam Li for 2 years. Pam is an incredibly passionate about what she believes in, Pam’s passions are health, fitness and the overall well being of her clients. Pam always conducts her self in the most professional manner, she is highly organised,reliable, has great people skills and is considerate.

Pam is a highly professional business person, she works and breaths fitness and health.

Pam is an incredible fitness advocate, an amazing and successful crossfitter, personal trainer and fitness instructor. Pam’s world evolves around fitness and health, she is passionate about helping people to improve their lives and better themselves.

Pam has begun this business of body composition scanning because she believes in being able to make changes in people’s lives, to make them aware of the importance of being fit and healthy.

I would highly recommend Pam Li to anyone considering doing business with her.

Kate webster


I have been overweight my whole life and have tried almost every diet there is! I have always been active and love competitive sport. After experiencing and really enjoying a couple of boxing sessions elsewhere, I decided I wanted to add a boxing specific personal training session each week into my existing exercise program. What has occurred thanks to Pam is a complete health, nutrition and fitness paradigm shift which is something that has never happened to me before. For the first time in my life, I am investing in myself! Pam is extremely knowledgeable with her nutrition and exercise program advice and has been very supportive of me on this journey. It is clear that Pam is genuine and cares about her clients success unlike other personal trainers I have experienced. Pam is a great motivator that sets high standards, makes you accountable and pushes me to my limits which is what I am loving the most!

Pam has been an inspiration on my four month journey (14kgs down) so far…but I know for me it is a very long journey. I am extremely determined to succeed in my weight loss and fitness goals for the first time in my life and know that Pam will be there to continue to push my limits and support me! I highly recommend Pam to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness goals. Onwards and upwards to a new me!



I have known Pam for two years, initially from participating in her group boxing fitness classes. Pam’s classes were always amongst my favourite, with them being varied and challenging. When I decided to take my fitness to a new level and train for obstacle course racing events; it was Pam I called on for Personal Training. Every session was fantastic and different to things I had done before. Under Pams guidance, I improved my technique with weights, which allowed me to progress further and faster. She also focused largely on my core, which has made a huge difference to my running training. After just a few sessions I felt fitter and stronger than ever before and could not wait for more!

I also recently completed a body composition analysis with Pam. I had very little understanding of what information it would provide but instantly wished I had undertaken it earlier. What a great benchmark it sets! Pam spent a great deal of time talking me through the results and explaining where my strengths were and what areas I could improve on. Her knowledge of fitness, nutrition and body composition made the results meaningful and easy to understand. I have read and re-read the results provided and they are now forming the basis of where I am focusing my training.

I could not recommend Pam highly enough as a trainer and as an expert in body composition analysis. Her commitment to her own training shines through into the way she trains others, in a positive, varied and motivational session.


I started training with Pam in group session at DBF 3 nights a week and her attitude and energy never wanes. Classes are always innovative, fast paced and tough. She uses all the equipment available to make the classes hard but fun for all of us.

Her knowledge on all things regarding nutrition and exercise and her willingness to help every individual in her classes make her the kind of trainer that keeps us all coming back.

I have since added 2 PT sessions to my weekly regimen and have really seen some changes as I have now added Olympic lifts and more of a crossfit type training plan. Pam is excellent with the technical aspects required to safely negotiate these lifts and the sessions have really helped turn me from a 49 year old guy with a scrawny runners build into someone who is now proud to wear the sleeveless training shirts!

Pam’s attention to detail and encouragement and enthusiasm coupled with her nutritional knowledge and crossfit/boxing background make her a brilliant choice as a PT if you really want to see results. Her nutritional knowledge and crossfit/boxing background make her a brilliant choice as a PT if you really want to see results.