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6:00-6:45AM Box4Fitness FitBox KickBox Box4Core  Box4Fitness
7:00-8:00AM Box4Fitness
9:15-10:00AM Box4Core Box4Fitness FitBox Box4Fitness KickBox
5:45-6:15PM HIIT HIIT
6:30-7:15PM KickBox Box4Core


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A class suitable for all fitness levels. We cater for your individual needs. Every class is different, so you can say good bye to boring and mundane workouts. A fun, interactive class that is a great way to meet new friends or bring a friend along and get fitter and stronger together.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT training does not involve boxing. It is a strength and conditioning class. It incorporates exercises such as interval training, sprints, bodyweight work, weight, kettle bells, barbell, slam balls and lots of other fun and challenging activities to strengthen your body and build your endurance.


Combination of HIIT (20-25 minutes) and Box 4 Fitness (20 minutes).


Boxing for fitness with added specific drills that focuses on strengthening all elements of the core.
Great class to build those ABS!

Kick Boxing

Combination of boxing for fitness and kick boxing to increase your heart rate and tone up your lower body.

Personal Training (PT) Services

Evolve In2 Fitness will design a tailored individual program that will help you to reach your health and fitness goals. PT Sessions will incorporate functional exercises tailored to your fitness level plus we will give you a homework program to do at home to help meet your goals and get results faster. Regular assessments will be carried out to monitor your progress and to highlight your progression and most importantly your RESULTS. If required, regular weighing and measurements can be included in your tailored individual program. Small group PT sessions are also available if you would prefer to get a few friends together, continue to motivate each other and work your way towards a new fit and healthy way of life! It is also a much more economical and fun way to exercise.


Resolve to Evolve Challenge is a 6-week exercise, nutrition and mindset training program designed to transform your body and most importantly your way of thinking. The program is about developing an understanding about how food affects your weight and changing the way you think about lifelong nutrition. The program is about helping you develop key habits to ensure that you keep your weight loss results long-term, and this is the Body Transform Difference. At the end of the challenge you will not only look and feel better, but you will learn how to stay that way for life.