Challenge Success Stories

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ROBYN S (Oct 2017)

Robyn’s transformation journey has just been text book, she lost an incredible 4.3kg and 31cms off her whole body. She no longer feels bloated, lethargic, grumpy but most of all we saved her a trip to the cosmetic surgeon as she contemplated liposuction prior to the 6 week challenge. Robyn had tried many diets/fads and nothing seem to help so she rang me and signed up to the challenge. The rest was history and the results speak for themselves!! I am so proud of you Robyn and I know you will just get better and feel even more amazing as time goes on.

“The hardest part of the challenge for me was cutting back on coffee but I did manage to reduce it significantly. And the best part was watching fat and centimetres melt away and fitting back into my clothes comfortably. I learnt that I can survive on smaller portions and still be able to function in my normal activities.” – Robyn S

RACHEL W (Oct 2017)

What an amazing young lady! Rachel came to Evolve In2 Fitness to learn more about nutrition. She wanted to know what was lacking in her nutrition so that it could help her with more energy, improve sleep and more important how to use food as a fuel her training. Rachel has no problems with motivation in her daily exercise routine. Once the nutrition was on point Rachel’s body composition just kept changing. She felt a lot leaner, more confident and no longer bloated and managed to train everyday with quick recovery too. She’s now incorporated the “Zone Diet” into her daily nutrition and will never look back!! Well done to you Rachel, I am so happy to see you full of pride and confidence in what you have achieved in such a short time.

“I actually didn’t find a hard part because I was so focused in the first week that by the end I felt already so much better within myself that I didn’t want to stop. It was easy to follow an eating program that had variety, keep me satisfied and took all the guess work out of nutrition. I have learnt that I am capable of a lot more discipline than I give myself credit. I have also learnt that discipline does not mean going without. I have not missed out on social interactions or occasions as a result of this 6 week challenge. I have just been educated on the correct nutrition for me and making better decisions in my life. Thank you Pam for your constant support and encouragement!” – Rachel W

MARINA D (Oct 2017)

How awesome is Marina’s transformation!! Marina was a tired and exhausted young mum of two gorgeous children who lost the drive to train. Her goal was to get her mojo and fitness back. And in just a short 6 weeks Marina found her passion for fitness and with the right nutrition she began to feel so much better and not so tired. Marina stripped off body fat and gained almost a kilo of lean muscle mass. Just look at her definition in her abs, arms and back!! Well done Marina. Looking forward to seeing you get stronger and faster!!

“Thanks Pam, the challenge has been great for me and I’ve finally got real exercise back into my routine after 10 years! Training at a high intensity and variety of the training sessions, motivation. Sticking to the eating plan without sneaking in some Junk food or extras of the right foods. I can feel young and energetic again.” – Marina D

KIRK S (Oct 2017)

Kirk’s transformation journey was one of the most outstanding to date in terms of his focus and dedication. Kirk has been training with me for nearly 2 years and in that time I have tried to convince him to join my challenges but he was not ready. However, this time he came to me and said he was ready and once his mindset was in, he was all in!! His incredible journey resulted not only in weight loss but determination to get results! Kirk travels a lot for work and actually pre planned all his meals to all the places he had to go to whilst travelling, now that’s just pure DEDICATION!! Well done to you!! I cannot wait to see your journey in the next couple of months.

SOPHIE C (July 2017)

How awesome is this mother of 3 Sophie!! Sophie’s goal was to lose 4kg and get back her fitness after letting herself “go” during the Winter months. But what she did during the challenge absolutely blew us away!! In just a short 6 weeks, Sophie reduced her body fat by 7.7%, lost 8.5kg and a massive 30cms off her whole body. Her fitness is through the roof and she achieved all of this with a fractured rib half way through the challenge. What an incredible lady!! Well done to you and good luck with the half marathon coming up!!

“Exceeding my expectations in terms of weight loss. My original goal was to lose 3-4 kilos, but I more than doubled that. Seeing the improvement in my measurements and body composition results. Being able to measure the changes was very motivating and kept me accountable. Feeling fitter and stronger and starting to see more muscle definition. Breaking the habit of sitting down with a glass of wine every night, and replacing that with the habit of drinking a lot more water throughout the day and herbal tea in the evening.” – Sophie

MANNON J (July 2017)

How amazing is this machine?! Mannon has tried lots of programs in the past to help him get leaner, stronger and put on lean muscle mass but nothing really worked until now. After completing the 6 weeks challenge learning about the right macros and getting the right nutrition information, Mannon’s transformation was just amazing, stripped 5.4% body fat and gained 1.7kg of lean muscle mass. So proud of you Mannon, keep up the fantastic work!

“I really enjoyed completing the challenge, although difficult mentally it was nice to do a program where eating food was encouraged and calorie counting wasn’t a part of the regime. The zone diet was sustainable and easy to follow. The Sunday training sessions were great motivation. The body scans were incredibly interesting.” – Mannon

ABHISHEK B (July 2017)

Abhi wanted to get his fitness back after starting his own business about a year ago and just focused solely on that and didn’t make time for his own health and wellbeing. Sounds familiar? So Abhi decided to jump on board and commit to the 6 weeks challenge and the rest is history. Abhi’s journey went from strength to strength and is now managing his time better so that he can feel fitter, healthier and stronger. In 6 weeks, Abhi lost 8.3kg and 30cms and is feeling so much better about himself. Well Done!!

“I dropped close to 9kg in the 6 weeks challenge. Pam is well organised and consult every week as how we are progressing. She will keep you motivated in the process. It’s very rare for a physical trainer with great knowledge of nutrition and physical exercise. Looking forward to the next challenge.” – Abhishek

KUNAL J (July 2017)

Kunal is about to be a dad for the first time and he wanted to change his hectic lifestyle and mindset and get his health back so that he can be a great role model to his new baby due in November. Kunal knows he still has work to do but the fact that he stayed so committed and focused towards his health and wellbeing in this challenge is a real credit to him. With little or no exercise prior to the challenge at all, Kunal managed to shave a massive 45 secs off his bench mark run. He is sleeping well, eating well and the weight is just falling off. We are so excited for you and what the future holds for you and your new family! Well done to you Kunal keep going strong and stay focused on the WHY! Looking forward to see what the next few months holds for you.

“It was the best challenge & nutrition program I have ever done. I have tried a lot of things over the years such as nutritionist/gym/ personal training but it was Pam’s program which made this work where not only she helped me with my diet but made sure I was attending the classes too if I couldn’t make it for a few days she contacted me to ensure I get in the class and which helped me heaps. I have gained a lot of self confidence and have dropped 1 size already. I still remember the 1000 steps challenge where we accompanied me the whole way & ensured I don’t give up… Thanks Pam.” – Kunal

ROD P (July 2017)

Rod came to Evolve In2 Fitness enquiring about the 6 weeks challenge after he saw one of his friend having an amazing transformation. Rod wanted to lose weight, improve his fitness and be a great model to his 3 adolescent children. In just a short 6 weeks Rod’s transformation was just incredible. He had lost a massive 8.1kg, 3.4% body fat and 20cms off his whole body. He is so much fitter and stronger and is working towards turning his age back. So proud of you Rod! Keep going and keep inspiring others to do the same.

“Firstly, a big thank-you Pam, and let’s not forget Brett. It’s been a life changing 6 weeks. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but I and 4 mates had a personal trainer for about 8 years (before coming to see you) but there was limited variety in exercises and no advice on diet. You could ask why did it take me so long to change (and I ask myself that question now) but I couldn’t be happier now that I’ve made the change. ” – Rod

NOELEEN F (May 2017)

Noeleen’s transformation just made me speechless! She had lost her confidence and mojo as life got in the way. Her goal was to lose at least 8kgs so that she can get back to doing triathlons and marathons again. She set herself a target and just went for it!! Training nearly 6 times a week and getting her nutrition on point, the weight and cms started to fall off. Noeleen lost a staggering 9.4kgs and 43cms. That’s nearly 3 dress sizes! WOW, just wow!

“Have just completed a six week challenge with Evolve In2 Fitness, Pam is great, tough, takes no BS but gets results. I’ve lost 9.4kg during the challenge, improved my fitness and all bench mark tests. Every class is different and will work you hard. Have eaten real, whole foods, little and often during the challenge so never felt starved. It has worked brilliantly for me and can for anyone else.” – Noeleen

VICKY C (May 2017)

Vicky was struggling with losing weight around that stubborn area hips, thighs and tummy. We had discussed about the fact that it is really hard to spot reduce certain areas but maybe by changing and looking at her nutrition we can perhaps look at ways of improving that. Once we got down to the finer points of her nutrition we started to see the results. Vicky lost 3kgs and 22cms all over of which 16cms was from the problem areas Vicky wanted to work on. Vicky was so delighted with her results! I am so happy for you, well done!!

GEORGIA L (May 2017)

Georgia’s goal was to look and feel great for her Bali trip in July. So she signed up the the 6 weeks challenge and absolutely smashed it! Not only did she lose weight and cms off her body (a massive 10cms off her waist) but she absolutely smashed all her fitness bench mark tests. Georgia shaved 11secs off her run and increased her upper body strength. So proud of you Georgia! Now go and have some fun in Bali rocking that hot bikini!

KARIN I (Feb 2017)

Karin was tired and burned out before she started the 6 week challenge and was a glass of wine every night kind of person and over the years that has resulted in weight gain and lack of motivation. So Karin embarked on the 6 week challenge to get her mojo, energy and performance back. Karin was very committed, she followed the both the nutrition meal plans and exercise as prescribed and her transformation was just unbelievable. Karin lost 10.5 cms all over even though her weight did not shift too much was the fact that she had increased her lean muscle mass. How awesome is that!!

“The highlight was actually getting to meet a really great bunch of people who were also sharing the journey. The support was fantastic. I loved that Pam kept it interesting by changing the exercises we were doing every Sunday. Now I only drink on special occasions and I’m feeling the benefits in terms of better sleep and energy.” – Karin

FIONA B (Feb 2017)

Fiona’s goals were to lose the weight she had put on gradually over the 12 months due to pressures and stress from work. She stopped exercising and really didn’t pay to much attention to her nutrition. So she decided enough was enough and had to get herself back to her previous fit and happy self. In 6 weeks Fiona’s transformation was just amazing! Not only physically but mentally as well. She dropped a massive 5kgs and 31.5cms all over her body and absolutely smashed her bench mark tests. Well done to you Fiona, onwards and upwards from here!!

“Feeling great, and the effect the food and exercise has had on my lifestyle including better sleep resulting in waking fresh and energised. Also the nutritional learnings I’m taking away.” – Fiona

EDWIN W (Feb 2017)

Ed’s 6 weeks transformation was like text book, his goal was to get fitter, stronger and lose a couple of kilos. Moving from Perth to Melbourne, and having a small baby put a lot of pressure and stress on Ed’s life. So he decided to embark on the 6 weeks challenge to reduce the stress and to get back into a routine of good clean food and regular exercise. In just a short 6 weeks, Ed’s goals were met and he was blown away by his results. Ed lost 18 cms all over his body and 1.8kgs but he gained a massive 1.4kgs in lean muscle mass. Now time spent with his young family is precious.

“I am now the fittest I have been for ages and have got heaps more energy to play with my young daughter.” – Edwin

CHRISTINE F (Feb 2017)

Christine had already started training at Evolve In2 Fitness for about 3 months and had before embarking on the 6 weeks challenge. Her fitness had already improved and had started to lose a little bit of weight. However, Chris wanted to take her fitness and weight loss to the next level. In 6 weeks Chris’s transformation was phenomenal, she’d lost 3.4kgs and 19 cms all over her body and gained lean muscle. Her stamina and endurance went through the roof and she couldn’t believe that she could keep up with the other members in the warm up runs. So proud of you Christine, well done! Awesome effort!

ANGELA M (Oct 2016)

Angela’s goal was to shift those stubborn centimeters from her waist and legs which most women found hard to shift. And in just a short 6 weeks with the right nutrition, mindset and hard work Angela achieved her goals plus more. Angela dropped a staggering 6.5kg and a total of 27cms all over her body with almost 10cms gone from her waistline. This was shown in her body composition analysis results whereby her visceral levels dropped from 7 to 4. Her overall body fat % down by 3.6%, gained lean muscle and smashed out all of her bench mark tests. Such awesome and dedication, well done Angela!!

“Loosing centimeters off my hips and thighs which is the toughest part of my body to loose was the highlight of my 6 weeks challenge. And going forward I would like to maintain my weight loss and body shape and lose a few more kgs and centimeters before my 40th birthday.” – Angela

Kathy H (Oct 2016)

Kathy took on our 6 week challenge to improve her overall body strength and fitness as she suffers from early on set of osteoporosis, so strength training would be very beneficial. Not only did her strength improved but with the right nutrition and strength training, Kathy’s mineral density improved from her body composition analysis results. Kathy also dropped 2.6kgs, 14cms and turned her biological clock back 7 years!! You go Kathy!!

ANNIE A (July 2016)

This is Annie* and her 6 weeks transformation!! With the right nutrition, hard work and dedication *Annie a whooping lost 5.1 kg and 27.5 cm all over her body. This amazing lady gave it her best every time and there’s no stopping her now. Well done Annie* keep up the great work and can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings. So awesome!!

“I wanted to do the challenge to lose weight and increase my fitness. Since finishing the challenge I’ve continued to keep many of the practices in place (eating every three hours and including a good fat, a protein and a carbohydrate, increasing my water intake). I lost 5 kgs in the challenge and increased all my benchmarks.  During the challenge I had a lot of social activities that were a challenge and if I’d been even stricter could have lost another kilo. Being a big coffee drinker, cutting this out was difficult but it has really benefitted me in many ways and although now I’m back drinker it I’ll have one cup every second day rather than three a day!” – Annie

KYLIE J (July 2016)

Kylie’s goal for this 6 weeks challenge was to build more lean muscle, to get stronger, fitter and leaner but most importantly to learn about good nutrition. After the 6 weeks Kylie dropped 1.7kg body fat and lost 14.2cm all over her body. All of her bench mark tests after the challenge improved out of sight!! Kylie is lifting heavier and running faster!! Well done to you Kylie and I hope you will keep training hard. A job well done.

LOUISE B (July 2016)

Age has no barrier!! That is Louise’s philosophy!! Just look at Louise’s 6 weeks transformation!! Louise struggled with losing that last 5kg and wanted to learn more about nutrition. With the right nutrition, hard work and dedication Louise has lost 5 kg and 10.5 cm all over her body. With the right education and mindset Louise achieved her goals plus more! Well done Louise keep up the great work and can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings. You are just inspirational!! Well done!!

TANYA M (July 2016)

Tanya lost a staggering 4.4kg, 2.8% body fat and 19cm all over. Tanya has always been very active all her life but came to a halt with her fitness in the last 6-9 months, this 6 weeks challenge was to re-inspire and motivate her back to her training and get fitter, stronger and faster again. Well done Tanya!! Not only have you been reignited you are a machine now!! Tanya managed to double her push ups from our bench mark tests and is running faster then ever before. I am so proud of you!! Keep up the good work!!

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your support, encouragement during this challenge and beyond. I knew all this information, just needed that Nudge, which you gave me. You started me thinking about myself as an athlete!, which I am, and at 41 I can become a better one and feel good but myself. My kids watch everything I do, so I can teach them how to become better healthier humans. I look forward to the journey ahead to become the best me I can be. Mentally and physically. Thank you thank you.”T x

KELLY-ANNE (May 2016)

Kelly-Anne lost an amazing 8.1 kg!! That’s right 8.1 kg in 6 weeks!! Kelly-Anne’s transformation has been phenomenal. She also lost a total of 42.5 cm all over her body with a massive 12.5 cm off her waistline and 9.5 cm off her hips. Her total body fat loss was 4.3%, and reduced her visceral fat level from 9 to 6. Kelly-Anne is also a lot faster and stronger too. Kelly-Anne’s motivation and dedication to this 6 week challenge was just amazing and so inspirational. Well done!!!!

“I wanted to participate in the Challenge as I wanted to achieve weight loss and improve my diet. I wanted to cut out sugar and eat much healthier. The exercise wasn’t so much of an issue but along with eating clean and healthier than I have ever had achieved amazing results! I beat my goal weight which at the time of starting the challenge I thought was unrealistic. I am the fittest I have ever been and so excited with the results. Pam’s encouragement and guidance played a big part in pushing me to achieve the results I did!  6 weeks is not a big commitment and the results in that time really can be amazing!!  I will be taking this clean eating plan forward with me to enable me to maintain the result!! Thank you!!” – Kelly-Anne


JULIE (May 2016)

Julie lost an impressive 3.4 kg, 18.5 cm all over her body with a staggering 6 cm off her hips. According to our Body Composition Analysis Julie lost a massive 2% body fat (from 19.4% to 17.4%), reduced her biological age by 8 years and her 6 packs are coming through.

“I chose to do the 6 week challenge to kick start my 16 week Isabody challenge by being held accountable and also learning new ways with food to incorporate it with my nutritional cleansing program. My main goal was to lose body fat which I achieved losing 2% in the 6 weeks. I also lost cms of my thighs and hips which has been fantastic as that is an area hard to lose from especially for me. I am feeling fantastic! Pam is a wonderful coach always available to answer any questions and to help you achieve your goals in any way possible.” – Julie


ANNA (May 2016)

Anna lost 2.6 kg and 13 cm all over her body with an impressive 6 cm off her waistline. All of Anna’s fitness bench mark tests improved significantly. She’s much faster and stronger. Even at such a difficult time, most people would have given up but Anna remained focused and was determined to get the results she was after. It just goes to show that with a strong mindset, anything is possible.

“I had been struggling for a long time to shift the last few kg’s I was feeling around my tummy. I decided to do the challenge to learn about what I was doing wrong with my food. The program taught me how to portion control my meals and allowed me to embrace creativity with using a broad variety of foods. I really enjoyed experimenting and definitely looked forward to every meal. I began this challenge at a difficult time in my life with my father passing, I didn’t have the energy to train at my usual capacity but I still saw results with just changing my food. I will do this program again at full speed ahead and I can’t wait to see the results then. I loved the accountability and the Sunday morning sessions were absolutely fantastic. So glad I met these bunch of challengers.” – Anna


KATE T (May 2016)

Kate’s 6 week transformation has been phenomenal!! The minute this iron lady decided that she wanted to take on the 6 week challenge, there was no stopping her!! Her determination and dedication was outstanding and it reflected in both her fitness and body composition changes.

Kate smashed her fitness bench mark tests and scored a beep test result of level >8.1 for her age group, this puts her in the extremely fit category. In such a short period of time Kate managed to lose 5.3kg with a staggering 10cm off her waistline. Kate’s body composition results show a 2.6% body fat loss, 28 cm all over and turning her biological clock back 6 years!! Well done to you IRON LADY!! Congratulations Kate on a job well done.

“I undertook the Resolve to Evolve 6 week challenge in order to become disciplined again with my eating habits and to lose both weight and centimetres. Having completed a similar challenge about three years ago, I knew what to do but just needed drive and assistance to form the appropriate habits again whilst being held accountable. I love the exercise particularly the boxing and HIIT classes so that part was easy. The challenge for me was avoiding comfort food and treats and being organised with a well-stocked fridge and prepared with appropriate meals to take to work. I enjoyed participating in the fitness challenges including the 1,000 steps, Fenix steps and beep test. I was also very interested in the results of the body composition scanning. I am happy with my outcomes and feel stronger and fitter as a result.” – Kate T


JEANETTE (Feb 2016)

Jeanette had already started her health and fitness goals before the challenge but she wanted to learn more about how to incorporate good nutrition to her training in order to gain more lean muscle mass. So after the challenge Jeanette increased her muscle mass by nearly 1kg and lost 2kg in body fat!! Her girth measurements were down 22.5 cm all over with a huge loss of 7.5 cm around her waist. This is one super woman!! Well done and keep up the good work!!

“I realised that I needed to change my diet and hoped that by doing the challenge I would learn the skills I needed. By increasing the protein and good fat intake as well as the number of exercise sessions I did each week, I have lost weight and maintained my muscle mass. The changes to the way I eat have been small and easy to sustain and I rarely look for for sweet or fatty food now.” – Jeanette


ANNA P (Feb 2016)

Anna is a pocket rocket!! She has been training with Evolve In2 Fitness from the beginning, she took on the 6 weeks challenge to re-set her health and fitness goals and learn more about nutrition. Well in just 6 weeks, Anna lost 1.7kg, 16.5cm and gained lean muscle mass. Her goal was not to lose weight but to get stronger, faster leaner and fitter!! What can I say the before and after photos proves just that. So honoured to have you on the challenge Anna and so proud of what you have achieved, well done and keep being awesome!!

“My reason for doing the 6 week challenge was to give my body a shake up and health a re-set. It is far too easy to just stay on the same path because it feels safe and familiar but we need a bit of risk taking and life changing behaviour to shake things up a bit. I have not only wound back the clock a few years, lost weight in actual cm’s but also have ran in two charity fun runs and have been able to continue running on a weekly basis. I had never run at all before and feel very proud of my achievements. I am 47 years old and have started a new chapter in my life. Healthy happy and always up for a challenge! Thank you to Pam for taking me on this journey and to my fellow challengers without your on-going support it would have been very lonely and not motivating. Thank you!” – Anna


KATE A (Feb 2016)

Kate’s challenge results were just amazing to say the least! She lost a total of 5.9kg of which 3.8kg of that was body fat, 29 cm all over, with a staggering 11 cm off her waist and 7 cm off her hips. Her body composition analysis showed her visceral fat levels had returned to a balanced healthy range. Well done Kate I’m so proud of you!!

“I wanted to do the challenge because I needed a bit of discipline to my exercise and eating. I know that eating right and exercising gives great results and I needed the encouragement and goal setting that the challenge provides. The main message that I got from the challenge was to believe in myself more and to have less self doubt.” – Kate


MADDIE S (Feb 2016)

Maddie gained lean muscle mass and lost a total of 4.1kg and 21.5 cm all over in our 6 weeks challenge. Her fitness energy levels had increased tremendously half way through the challenge. Maddie then completed a half marathon without too much preparation going into the race!! How awesome is that!! You are such an inspiration and kind hearted soul. Congrats Maddie!!

“I decided to do the challenge in order to improve my overall health and fitness. After the 6 weeks was up I felt completely re-energised and equipped with the tools necessary to continue to live better. Having Pam’s support and encouragement along the way was wonderful. She kept us on track with our meals and her exercise classes were always fun and varied. I highly recommend the challenge!” – Maddie

JUDY S (Feb 2016)

Judy wanted to learn more about nutrition and so she signed up to the 6 weeks challenge. During this time Judy was not able to train too much due to injuries. So by improving her nutrition and knowing how to increase her metabolism, Judy managed to lose 2.8kg and 20 cm all over her body. Good work Judy and hope your injuries will improve so you can come back and train harder!!


STEPH S (Feb 2016)

Steph’s transformation was a very big surprise to her because she fell ill half way through the challenge and was not able to exercise as much as she’d like. However, by sticking to the nutritional plans she managed to lose 2.3kg of which 1.1kg was body fat, 13 cm all over her body. Her lean muscle mass also increased by 600 gm. Way to go Steph!!


TERESA (Feb 2016)

Teresa lost 3.7kg of which 3.3kg was body fat!! She also lost a total of 17.5 cm all over her body with a noticeable loss around her waist (5.5 cm), her visceral fat levels went down from 9 to 6 and was able to maintain her lean muscle mass. How amazing is that!! Well done to you Teresa, onwards and upwards!!