What we offer

We offer a killer combo of classes ensuring you get the most out of your time when working out.

Box 4 Fitness

A class suitable for all fitness levels. We cater for your individual needs. Every class is different, so you can say good bye to boring and mundane workouts.


Combination of HIIT (20-25 minutes) and Box 4 Fitness


Shift your metabolism into high gear and enjoy the effects of a total body workout that will put you through your paces.


Body Composition Analysis: Our analysers use a scientifically validated test known as bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Box 4 Core

Boxing for fitness with added specific drills that focuses on strengthening all elements of the core. Great class to build those ABS!


Combination of boxing for fitness and kick boxing to increase your heart rate and tone up your lower body.


Shake out the tightness of your body in our flowing yoga class.

6 Week Transformation

Resolve2Evolve Challenge is a 6-week exercise, nutrition and mindset training program designed to transform your body and most importantly your way of thinking.